Welcome to The Kunlun Beijing

In 1988, The Kunlun Beijing opened in the capital city. As one of the best national hotels in China, The Kunlun Beijing has been hosting numerous state-led events, providing national dignitaries, country leaders and international guests with high-quality services and perfect dining experiences.

Located in the central business district (CBD) of Chaoyang District, Beijing, and situated on the beautiful Liangma River, the hotel is adjacent to the Embassy district, as well as the International Exhibition Centre, the National Agricultural Exhibition Centre and Sanlitun Taikoo Li. It is a stone’s throw away from the capital’s business district and historical and cultural attractions. The bustling atmosphere in the shopping, dining, entertainment and business districts will definitely add excitement to your business trips.

With more than 500 deluxe rooms and suites; several different restaurants and lounges with different styles of cuisine; professional, conference rooms with advanced technology; and fully equipped fitness and leisure venues, the hotel has all the convenience and comfort you need, without ever leaving it. It is certainly the ideal place for meetings, banquets, business and entertainment.

As the flagship of Jin Jiang Luxury Hotels (China Region) Management Co., Ltd. in The Kunlun Beijing is committed to offering heart-warming and people-oriented services, as well as leading-edge facilities to create the perfect hospitality experience for every honourable guest.


Room sized in 35 square meters. It features one king-size bed or twin beds.


Oversize of 45 square meters with separated generous work area and bedroom. 


Sleek and modern design with oversize of 45-sqmeters.




Entering the restaurant is like stepping into a royal palace under the radiance of the moon. The winding streams flow under the small bridges, and the verdant bamboo and flowers sway gracefully. Amidst the charm of rural scenery, magnificent halls and pavilions reveal themselves. The ancient and elegant private rooms are tranquil and noble, making it an ideal place for business banquets and family gatherings


Xian Yan presents an array of culinary fare from all across China. 


Simple, low-key, friendly, and comfortable, it offers a place for those who know how to enjoy life and long for nature in the noisy city to get close to nature.

Heavenly Jin Restaurant

With a 360-degree stunning view, you can not only feel the unique upscale business atmosphere but also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Beijing as the restaurant rotates. It is a banquet hall that blends innovation and modernity and features exquisite Western cuisine and artisanal dishes.


The palm trees are luxuriant, and the water in the pool under the trees is crystal clear. Soft natural light filters down from the glass ceiling, encircling and extending through the greenery. The restaurant provides a rich buffet breakfast for you.


The restaurant is divided into a main dining hall, a small dining hall, an open kitchen, and a lounge. With the noble and elegant architectural decorative elements and private services of a master-customized menu, it brings a prestigious experience of art and taste. In addition, there are various styles of private rooms for you to choose from, such as the Heping Hall, Jing'an Hall, Longbai Hall, Old Jinjiang, and Hua Ting Hall.


The centerpiece of the breathtaking lobby, the Lobby Bar features an impressive rendition of The Kunlun Beijing's namesake – majestic Kunlun Mountain range. 


The city’s most sophisticated locale for afternoon tea, the Mezzanine Lounge offers a truly elegant ambiance that will delight even the most discerning patron.


The step-by-step Chinese-style corridor is like being during natural beauty, blending Eastern temperament with Western fashionable design elements, making it an ideal place for guests for business banquets, food tastings, private meetings, and leisure. The restaurant mainly serves high-end Cantonese cuisine, and Cantonese chefs tailor authentic and delicate Cantonese dishes for each guest, bringing a refreshing taste experience.

Meetings & Events

The Kunlun Beijing offers a total of 2,750 square meters of function space, including the 800 square-meter Kunlun Ballroom and 15 function rooms, which are ideal venues for all kinds of banquets, conferences and other Beijing events.



Located on the 2nd floor. this 340-square-meter, 7-meter-high incredibly designed Baroque style hall is an ideal venue for luxurious wedding ceremonies and mid-scale banquets for 150 people in Beijing.